Story of SoleCube

Dan and Aden’s story of SoleCube

Although we’re quite different people we do share a common interest and that’s a love of sneakers or trainers or shoes whatever you want to call them!

That’s how we met, during the pandemic on Instagram chatting, trading stories and news about various releases, then we got chatting about how we store our shoes. 

We just did what most people do and either have them neatly piled in the original boxes or shoved in a cupboard, they only saw the light of day when we decided to wear them.

There had to be a solution. In 2020 (whilst we were furloughed) we went on a mission to design and build affordable shoe storage display boxes, something much better than what existed. 

They had to be solid, easy to build, stackable, protect our shoes from dust and dirt and even from the sun's rays. Plus we wanted to be able to see what we had. It’s much easier to choose what to wear, and if I’m honest remember which shoes we owned!!!

After many months and too many prototypes to mention we eventually produced exactly what we wanted, Somewhere we could store AND display our sneakers and even better that that keep them protected whilst they were not being worn.

We really are on a mission to protect, store and display the shoes which our customers love to wear, from sneakers to high heels and everything in-between.

We love our shoes, and to be honest, quite like showing them off when friends come round, I think most of us secretly do!

We never stop designing and searching for those perfect products to help you protect your shoes - have a look at the SoleSkin if you're visiting a festival this year.

Thank you to the thousands of customers who have joined us in the last few years, we appreciate you.

Dan and Aden.