Shoe Storage | The benefits of choosing SoleCube

Shoe Storage | The benefits of choosing SoleCube

Take Your Shoe Storage To The Next Level!

Solecubes are the best way to take your trainer storage to the next level! In this blog we will explain the many benefits of using SoleCubes for your trainer storage. Unlike many shoe crates on the market our sneaker crates will fit your high top trainers such as Jordan 1's or Jordan 4's! All the way up to a size UK14!


Our storage boxes are also stackable,Our built-in interlocking system allows you to stack your collection safely without tilt or lean. Our sneaker crates are the perfect sneaker storage solution.  


Solecubes are very durable and strong so you dont have to worry about them not being able to support your trainer collection. We use quality reinforced plastics to prevent cracking or snapping, as well as top quality packaging to ensure your products arrive safe.


You don't have to worry about solecubes not being able to store your precious trainers as our sneaker containers are big enough to store most types of shoes, from Jordan 1's to Work boots or high heels up to size UK14.


Another benefit of choosing Solecube for your trainer storage is solecubes stop odour dirt and dust Keeping your shoes clean and fresh. Our shoe storage boxes are also Ventilated with air holes in the back of the sneaker crate to allow air through to stop mould and yellowing.

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