About Us

Welcome to SoleCube, the place to find the best sneaker display boxes for all your sneaker storage needs. Here is our story...

How We Began:

Our shoe storage journey began in 2020 and since then we have been supplying the UK with our premium sneaker display boxes.

As sneaker enthusiasts, we needed somewhere to store our grails however, shelving was expensive permanent and wouldn't suit our ever-growing collections.

After developing lots of prototypes, we eventually found a suitable manufacturer that could create our own trainer storage boxes and develop them to fit all trainer sizes and as a result 'the ultimate shoe storage solution - SoleCube was born'. 

Our Mission:

We know first hand how expensive it can be funding a trainer collection so we want to bring you a sneaker storage solution that has the quality to last a lifetime whilst not breaking the bank.

That's why we choose to create our storage boxes from quality materials and negotiate the best prices so that we can pass these deals onto you.

Based out of the North of England, we have great logistics companies that can deliver your boxes to you ridiculously quick. Although we mainly ship within the UK at the moment, we are able to distribute globally and hope to expand our offering of solid sneaker storage boxes so that everyone internationally can experience the ultimate sneaker storage!

Whether you are a big collector with over 500 pairs of trainers or you own a single pair of shoes, we've got the solution for your shoe storage needs.

SoleCube - The ultimate sneaker storage. 

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