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Drop front or Drop Side Shoe storage | What's right for me?

Drop front or Drop Side Shoe storage | What's right for me?

At Solecube we recognise all trainer collections are unique. That's why we offer multiple styles of our trainer storage boxes so you can be sure we have a solution that will work for you. By the end of this blog you'll have an understanding of the advantages of each style and be confident in making the right choice. 


First, lets take a look at Drop Front Sneaker Boxes. 


Drop front sneaker boxes are great for getting a lot of trainers stored away in a smaller space. We find a lot of our customers use the drop front boxes to turn unused wardrobe space or under the stairs areas into practical shoe storage and because the each storage box stacks on top of one another you can fully customise it depending on how many pairs of shoes you own.

Drop front sneaker storage boxes


Next, lets explore the benefits of Drop Side Sneaker Boxes.


Drop Side Storage Boxes are most commonly used by customers who want to showcase their collection and create feature walls or displays in larger areas. A lot of our customers who buy drop side sneaker boxes have large spaces in their bedrooms or hallways which they wish to turn into sneaker walls. The drop side style enables collectors to access their sneakers side on meaning they can display large amounts of shoes side by side and get access to them easily if they want to wear them often.


drop side shoe storage boxes


Overall their really isn't a 'best' style of our trainer display boxes but if you have a particular space and would like to get our opinion on which boxes will work for you best you can get in touch with us on our contact page or email the solecubeteam@gmail.com. 

- Solecube 🏆


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